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search near me


We were looking to purchase a home in the Mount Vernon area and although we had visited the area a number of times, we knew very little about buying there. Shelly was recommended to us by A Windermere agent we had befriended in Sequim. What a wonderful circumstance that was! Shelly was born in the area, knew all kinds of things about the community and the the real estate market in the area. On the rare occasion my wife or I came up with a question she couldn't answer, she said the magic words : I'll find out. And she always did.Shelly was very supportive, offering her opinion if we asked, but otherwise we were allowed to follow our own path of discovery. That is not to say she wouldn't give us a heads-up if she had a concern regarding choices we were considering.It was very easy to have conversations with Shelly, and in the end my wife Cindy and I consider her a friend, a friend whom we hope to see after we become members of the Mount Vernon community - for lunch, for a chat, and to seek out as an advisor for things related to either real estate or the Skagit River community. She truly made home shopping and buying a wonderful experience.